Basic Bodybuilding Workouts for Bicep and Chest Areas

Published: 30th June 2011
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Bodybuilding workouts challenges you to push your limits. If you are faint-hearted, it will be easy to give up on them. But the thought of deciding to start on bodybuilding is a sign that you acknowledge and accept the hurdles you will have to do and go through. As the saying goes "no pain, no gain".

However bodybuilding workouts vary in levels of difficulty and strain. As a beginner you can start with the basic ones and then progress to the ones that require more endurance and strength. Take note that your workouts should be in line with your fitness goals. Thus said, you cannot maintain simple workouts if you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger while one avoid the most complex and strenuous ones if you are not striving for maximum results.

Nevertheless, any bodybuilding workouts require dedication and hard work. If done correctly, they can definitely deliver desired and maximum results without injury. The biceps and the chest are two areas that are given great focus when bodybuilding. Here are some basic bodybuilding workouts for your biceps and chest.

Workouts for Biceps

The biceps are the most noticeable worked out part of your body therefore they garner the most attention. Big arms mean strength that is why most, if not all, workout programs include and target them. Three of the most common bicep workouts are the barbell curl, hammer curl and reverse curl.

The barbell curl is the most common bicep exercise and also one of the most effective. This simple exercise exactly targets the biceps by lifting weights in a single motion, which is curling your hands towards your chest in up-and-down motion. Meanwhile, if barbell curls focus on the biceps, hammer curl on the other hand targets the biceps and the forearms. It requires both arms on the side while curling them towards the shoulders. Lastly, the reverse curl is somewhat similar to the barbell curl but takes from a different direction. Bars are pulled down from the top in either standing or seated position.

Workouts for Chest

Just like the biceps, the chest is one of the most visible area so many bodybuilders spend time to develop its muscles. Chest workouts include barbell bench press, dumbbell flies and push up.

The bench press and dumbbell flies are among the most common workouts done by bodybuilders. They require great concentration and strength to avoid accidents or injuries. A long barbell is required for bench press while dumbbell flies need two dumbbells for each hand. Both exercises target the pectoral muscles to give you a well-defined chest. And lastly is the popular push up exercise. Full push ups with the body straightened out are usually common for long-time bodybuilders while beginners can start with knee push ups before moving on to the full one.

All of these workouts, when done in proper pace and form, will definitely bring out maximum results. For the best bodybuilding workout

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